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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twelve Hours Well Wasted

"Do you want to take a drive down to the beach today?", he said as I dug my head into my pillow and squirmed in my blanket. "We have the convertible for one more day and we should take advantage of it."

It was early. Ok, more like 8:30 in the morning but I am NOT a morning person. Covering my head with my blanket all I could think of was the blogging I had to catch up on and the mountain of photos creeping up from behind my desk screaming edit me!

On this fine Saturday morning I had a to do list and my goal was... well, to do.

"Come on, we'll come home early so you can get some work done." After a couple "five more minutes" and a few more "Arleth get up's", I got out of bed, threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and off we went.

I love and live for days like this when the clock stops and lists are thrown into the tomorow bin.

After about five minutes in the car with the top down, the nice breeze turned into plain freezing cold air. That, however was NOT going to stop us from rolling like the cool people. We cranked up the heater, kept the top down, bumped up the volume to Smooth Criminal and kept driving. Yup cause that's how we do!

My day was filled with warm conversations, yummy food and beautiful views of the Pacific Coast sitting next to my best friend. As the sun set and we drove home I joked and said "I thought we were coming home early?"

"Yea, and here we are twelve hours later."

Because of my wonderful day of slacking, I did not get to cross off any of the items on my mental to-do list...EXCEPT for the editing of the next few photos from my most recent wedding, hence me staying up till this hour!! Disclosure: I suffer from a little bit of obsessive compulsiveness and I sorta have the need to feel that I at least got some work done.

Here's a sneak peek. You can click on the images to enlarge. Full wedding post to follow soon.

xoxo Arleth



  1. One word....GANGSTA! lol

  2. the pictures are really beautiful ... we spent good time!!

  3. Can't wait till the rest are posted!!


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