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Friday, April 23, 2010

To The Newest Members Of This Here Little Bloggity

I received a simple little comment today. And it made my day. It came all the way from Texas from the newest members of this here bloggity blog. 

Raul and Ana, thank you for your sweet comment and yes I know who you are! I know you two will be getting married this summer and I wish you both the very best from the bottom of my little itty bitty heart!

I took these pictures of you two at last Saturday's wedding Member??? You Member!! Ha!



  1. Like'em?? Girl I Lovesssss them!! haha..they came out great!! That's one serious laugh I had going on haha. Their wedding was so much fun.

    And you're very welcome for the comment..but thank you even more for dedicating a little section to us and for your best wishes for us :)

  2. Mariel: Aww that's my bro & future sister in law.They came out GREAT! Once again Arleth, Great Job! God gave u many talents! Que EL te siga bendiciendo!

  3. I'm sure you don't mind..but I'd still like to ask. Do you mind if I put this pic on our facebook? Credit will definitely be given to you..we promise!! It so pretty and we want others to see it too.

  4. Of couse girl! Go ahead and put in on your FB that is totally fine by me.

  5. Great!! Thanks..just email you back lol. If you rather just call me instead my number is 951-796-0409.


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