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Friday, April 23, 2010

Riverside County Wedding: Rene & Erika

They're high school sweethearts...but not really. Although Rene and Erika didn't attend the same high school, they've dated since they were 16. A fact that Rene is quick to highlight as he gripes and grumbles about how he's been ready to marry this girl since he was 18. "She made me wait a long time!" He says.

Of course he was impatient. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she would be the sugar to his cornflakes and the hole to his donut. And she was.

Through the ups and downs an eight year relationship brings, they're love remains strong and continues to endure the test of time.

On April 17, 2010, Rene and Erika became the sugar to each other's cornflakes and the hole to each other's donut...for life.

This particular wedding is extra special and dear to my heart. I was privileged to work with Erika through her wedding planning process and watched first hand along with her as every detail fell into place morphing into her vision of the perfect day.

We celebrated together in the bridal salon when she found thee dress, stressed over the perfect fonts for her invitations and cried in front of her computer as we dissected lyrics and melodies in search of the perfect "first dance" song. Yes, we're criers so what?!?! We even tricked the bridal salon staff into believing our seamstress was Erika's future mother in law because we were not allowed to photograph the dress in order to have it custom made ha ha!

The result? A magical ceremony under the blue sky and a reception in style with a touch of flava, perfectly fitting the newlywed couple.

Rene and Erika, I hope you are having an amazing time on your cruise along the Mexican Coast! Thank you for letting me into your world and allowing me to be a part of such a special time in your story.

Love you both,

Here are a few images I was able to snap in between my running around, each frame containing a little bitty piece of my heart.

Erika you are stunning...that is it.

Just moments before the ceremony

Do I have to walk down the aisle?

Theres something about this picture I simply love.

I was ballin' my eyes out by this point too, which did a horrible little number on my mascara.

Girl shake what cho-mamma gave ya!

Try and guess who really really wants to catch the bouquet? Oh the concentration!

...a moment away from behind my lens to sneak a picture with the beautiful bride!


  1. These came out great!! And incase you're wondering who we are..this is Ana and Raul. Raul is Mariel's brother. We decided to follow your blog too lol.
    Your very talented btw :)
    Take care

  2. Aww Ana and Raul Thank you so much! I have the pictures I took of you. Give me your email address so I can send them to you. :)

  3. Mariel: WOW ARLETH! THESE CAME OUT SOOO GOOD! I love the pic of us girls waiting for the bouquet!lol WOW i was really concentrating on that!Lol..thats tooo funnny! Imma borrow ur pics if u dont mind.Love U girl!

  4. Ana & Raul said: Ok it's
    Can't wait to see them! =)

  5. Mariel, I know girl you were not gonna let anyone else catch that bouquet lol! And the concentration paid off cause you won! lol

  6. Ana, I just sent you the pix, Hope you guys like'em. :)

  7. aww arleth!!! these came out pretty tight girl!...ur a legit photographer girl for reals..when yougonna hook me up wiht a photo shoot lol!...wait til i lose some weight the pics!!

  8. Aww thank you Brenda! That means alot to me coming frim the siser of the bride. About your photo shoot, girl you know you just gotta holla at me. I got chu! Lova ya!


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