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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pleasant Surprises

I LOVE surprises! Not the come home and find that you've been robbed kind of surprises but, you know, the pleasant kind. I especially like the little surprises that creep up when you least expect them making your day just a tad bit brighter.

Like when you throw on your snow jacket and find a crumbled five dollar bill in the front pocket that was forgotten from last winter. Or like when you forget it's "fall backwards" and you wake up the next morning and realize you have one more hour of sleep. Or like when you get your computer refurbished to help with your photography workflow and discover TONS of insanely amazingly awesome music saved in the hard drive which were probably saved by the previous owner of the computer. Ok that last one probably doesn't happen to people very often but today it happened to me!

While helping a friend burn some CD's for her wedding, I jumped on the Windows Media player of my newly refurbished computer and what did my little eyes see? Hundreds upon hundreds of albums and tracks from artists of all walks of life saved on my little computer ready to be uploaded to my IPod and be enjoyed! (Ok maybe not hundreds upon hundreds but you catch my drift). I almost moon walked across the top of my desk when I saw ALL of the Michael Jackson records I've been wanting to purchase but have not had the time (or the money) to buy. Mamma's gonna be bumpin' some MJ tomorrow in the car WOOT WOOT! I was so stoked I think I did the Carlton dance ha!

Needless to say that little surprise made my day.

In the spirit of surprises, here are a few shots from a surprise bridal shower we held for a friend a few weeks ago. She was blind folded by her fiancĂ©e up until he brought her in the house and this is her reaction just after taking off the blind fold. Ahh yes....the expression of surprise!

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  1. Awww Arleth! These pivs are great!!! And Yes I've gotten a few surprised lately.God is Good! and im sure U guys had a great time @ erikas bridal shower! =)


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