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Friday, April 16, 2010

My Ghetto Vase

My ghetto vase sits on top of my white kitchen counter. It holds 12 long stem red roses, and each time I look at it I remember.

My ghetto vase is not a vase at all. It’s intended purpose was to contain food items or liquids capped off with a lid. An old piece of Tupperware now containing a beautiful piece of my memories.

You see, last Friday was sort of like a milestone in this photography venture I’m on. Ok a HUGE milestone. And I was nervous. The days leading up to last Friday were filled with sleepless nights, worry and a whole lotta’ second guessing myself. It didn’t help that the Thursday before was the LONGEST day ever and my duties for the day did not allow me to get home until after 10:00 p.m.- So not cool. (Mind you I was out since 7:00 a.m.)

Driving home on the 10 freeway on Thursday night, my mind was filled with thoughts of preparing my equipment, my outfit for the next day, various poses to engrave in my brain and a “relax now” pill I could take to calm my nerves. I scratched that idea after I reminded myself I hated pills and then went back to thoughts of my outfit.

Pulling up to my drive-way my brain was still racing. As I opened my garage door something stole my thoughts and took my attention. It was something shiny on wheels parked on my side of the garage. Curious, I got out of my car and went to go see what the awesome silver Mitsubishi Spider convertible was all about. (I know it’s no BMW but to me this is fancy ok, so don’t hate!)

Laying neatly on top of the rear of the vehicle was a bouquet of long stem red roses and a small card in a yellow envelope that read:

“Arleth- This is a rental for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a new beginning for us and I just want to tell you that I love you and I'm proud of you" -Mario.

Tears rolling down my cheeks at his simple yet "just what I needed to hear" note.

Did my husband rent a cool car just so I could show up in style on my big day and on top of that a dozen roses and a tear jerking card just to make me feel extra special? Why yes he did! A full tub of extra hugs, kisses and bonus points for Mario!

Later that night, I searched all over the house for a vase that was deserving enough to hold my beautiful “relax now” gift. I quickly realized I own many things but a vase is not one of them. In the very back of one of my kitchen cabinets I spotted it. A clear hard plastic piece of Tupperware tall enough to do the job. Score!

Placing the flowers inside the clear hard plastic object I thought to myself “This is kinda ghetto, ok this is really ghetto…but I really don’t care”

My ghetto vase sits on my white kitchen counter. The long stem red roses it holds are withered now. After they dry out, the Tupperware will be tucked back in the back of my cabinet but I know that whenever I take it out, I will remember.

My ghetto vase will forever serve as a reminder of my humble beginnings in photography and will remind me to never forget:

  • I spent a wonderful day of slacking by the beach in a convertible in the freezing cold with the heater on
  • I have the bestest most wonderfullest husband in the entire Milky Way Galaxy
  • I am loved
  • I make someone proud
  • I love him


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