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Monday, April 26, 2010

Light Test One...Two...

Me: "Their faces are half dark and half light and their eyes are ALL the shots! What the heck is going on here?!?!"

Mario: "Arleth...REE-LAX!"

I've come to learn very quickly and through many mistakes that one of the most important elements in photography is lighting. A craft I am still on the road to mastering. Although many awesome photographers know how to rock the flash and strobes in their daytime photography, I prefer to use natrural light. This choice brings with it some challenges however I embrace them and believe that in the long run, overcoming these challenges, will help me become the photographer I am only in my dreams.

I am far from pro-status so one of the things I've diciplined myself to do is arrive early before a shoot and test the light in the different areas where I would like to photograph my subjests. This helps put my mind at ease and helps me relax...well sorta ha ha!

This past weekend, my lovely sister was on hand to assist with the Corral Family photo shoot. Her job description? Light tester extraordinaire... slash "baby-sit while I take pictures of the couple", slash "stand behind me and shake the rattle and dance to make the baby laugh." Oh the perks of being the big sister!

Here she is on the job. "Go stand by that wall Fer". Light test One...Two...



  1. Fer: ooooh this light tester it HOTT!!!! hahah jk

  2. Fer: Thank you for dedicating a section of your blog to your AWESOME sister! It was about time! haha jk

  3. Psh! She's not that great! :P But Arleth I am so stoked for Saturday!!!!

  4. Carlos- me too! I'm excited!


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