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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Corral Famliy

"We totally want to wait to have a baby", she said to me just a little over a year ago as we sat and talked under the bright Cathedral City sun. Becky and Eddie were practically still newlyweds then, and I enjoyed spending the afternoon listening to her recount their love story.  

Fast forward nine months later.  Their plans were sooooo not Gods plans ha! Four months ago, Becky and Eddie were blessed to welcome a beautiful bundle of absolute cuteness into their world and today I was honored to capture a little piece of it with my camera.

Becky and Eddie thank you so much for an awesome afternoon! You two are a blessing and I am privelidged to call you my friends.


Ladies and gentlemen, introducing baby Ethan Corral:

Eddie is a SICK ...I mean SICK base player! I just had to incorporate that part of him into some of their photos. 

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  1. Mariel said...
    Girl once again u are great! And they came out god.the baby is sooo cute! Great Job girl.Looks like ill be seeing U in August =)


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