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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blessings and Windex

Today I had one of those days. You know- one of those days when you have a million things to cross off your to do list and not enough time to cross them out? One of those days when the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping but you really, really need groceries? One of those days when you're waiting for like 15 minutes for a car to pull out of a full parking lot, only for a friggin' random guy in a white car to pull up right behind you stealing YOUR spot. Ah yes... one of those days.

I walked through the aisles, focussed, picking up only what I needed and putting it in the cart. I walked straight looking neither left nor right. Focussed. My body language screaming "Nobody touch me, talk to me or look at me cause I'm on a mission!" I put the sour cream in my cart and to the checkout stand I went.

Darting out of the store I had a million things going through my head. Put the groceries away, clean the kitchen, vacuum the living room...I think I went over budget today with the groceries...throw out the trash, make dinner, the weeds in the front yard are ooogly-when will I have time to make that area look nice, take the... That's when I saw him. The man with the Windex. I saw him from the corner of my eye and he looked at me as if wanting to ask me something. After walking by me a few times he finally mustered the courage to ask in Spanish "Miss can I clean your windows?"

This isn't the first time that something like this happens but for some reason, this time, something inside hurt. I felt so incredibly selfish to be so focussed on myself and my little world of petty things to do that were making me mad at the world for not giving me enough time in a day. Here this poor man was probably out of a job and I'm upset because I spent too much on groceries. I pictured his family. Did they have enough to eat, a place to sleep? I looked down and in his hand was the bottle of Windex. Full. He probably hadn't had any luck all day because of people like me that are just too busy. 

I said a little prayer for him as I left the parking lot. As cliche as it sounds, this seemingly insignificant incident made me stop and count my many blessings.

Today I am grateful for:

A warm bed
Food in the pantry
Food in the fridge
A sound mind to be able to plan out the things that need to get done
The strength and ability to execute what needs to get done
Little old men with a windex bottle that remind me I'm blessed
And and my untidy home that shelters me wether the weeds are pulled or not.

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